Notional Christians: The Big Election Story in 2016

Religion played a significant role in the 2016 presidential election, from the activity of national religious leaders to the importance of various faith-related issues, to the high level of turnout among key segments of faith-driven voters. This is the first of several research releases based on Barna's election survey examining the role of faith in this historic political contest.

Highlights of Barna's 2016 Election Coverage

The 2016 Presidential Campaign has been a long and tumultuous road, but we’re finally in the home stretch. Since February, Barna has been chronicling the opinions and attitudes of the American public toward this historic campaign, so in recognition of Election Day, here’s a recap of our coverage.

Religious Beliefs Have Greatest Influence on Voting Decisions

Though fewer Americans are going to church these days, a new survey reveals that the most likely influence on candidate selection in this year’s presidential contest is their religious beliefs.

Voters Disagree on Which Candidate Is More Presidential

Most Americans are struggling to muster enthusiasm about the presidential candidate they plan to vote for. A new survey from Barna not only reveals the numbers behind that lack of enthusiasm, but also identifies which candidate is seen as having more of the qualities expected of a president.

The Faith and Ideology of Trump and Clinton Supporters

Despite the tight race for the presidency between Trump and Clinton, each candidate is drawing a vastly different segment of voters. A new study from Barna indicates just how divergent those segments are—and helps to explain how divided the nation is in its vision for the future.

Most Americans Believe in Supernatural Healing

The topic of physical healing is one of the more contested in the church today. Though scripture is full of accounts of the miraculous, the topic tends to be fairly divisive. Barna asked American adults their beliefs, practices and experiences related to supernatural physical healing.

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