Barna Introduces FaithView, an Online Database of the Spiritual Profiles of Americans

Barna has been tracking cultural trends related to values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors for 35 years. Now, for the first time, we’re making the nation’s most powerful database for city, state and national spiritual profiles accessible online in a new, subscription-based tool called FaithView.

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What denomination are most residents in your city? How often do they attend church? What are their political leanings? What do they believe about God? How often do they open their Bibles? What’s their age, gender and ethnic makeup? FaithView goes beyond mere demographics and provides instant answers to questions like these and many more based on over 200 unique data points from our research.

“Christian leaders now have a tool to help them better understand the spiritual beliefs and practices of people within their context so they can confidently answer the question, ‘What’s next?’” says Barna president, David Kinnaman. Data like this makes it possible for churches and faith-based organizations to plan more strategically, act more intentionally and be more effective.”

With FaithView, pastors can:

  • Tailor sermons knowing how many people in their region are engaged Christians, dechurched, unchurched or atheist
  • Provide pastoral support with a deeper understanding and sensitivity to the social, economic, spiritual and lifestyle issues of their particular region
  • Plan outreach based on an informed perspective of the people who live within their geographic area
  • Target best areas to plant new churches

Nonprofit leaders can use FaithView to:

  • Identify top markets for recruitment and donor engagement strategies
  • Discern giving levels in prospective cities and states
  • Develop messaging based on beliefs and attitudes of targeted audiences

For reporters and editors, FaithView provides an invaluable source of trends and storylines, plus instant infographics to augment reporting for local and national stories. Journalists can now easily:

  • Compare and contrast political, social and cultural beliefs and practices based on an extensive selection of data points and filters
  • Develop myriad story angles that can be contextualized for specific local, regional or national audiences
  • Validate anecdotal reporting with credible data that’s simple to access and understand

Rather than combing through online searches or raw data, this new, interactive, customizable database offers clear and relevant insights into the spiritual climate, faith trends and practices in cities and states in every major media market across America, based on over 200 unique data points from Barna’s 35 years of world-class research.

FaithView is a proprietary software available online with an annual subscription. Subscriptions include tutorial videos, exclusive content, ongoing analysis of city and state trends, annually updated data and best-in-class customer support.

Subscribe to FaithView now so you can gain access to this powerful tool for strategic planning.

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