Calling & Complexity: A Forum on Women & Vocation

Whether women are working at home, professionally, in the wider community or all of the above, women today face unique challenges as they seek to faithfully navigate the complexity of their calling. And the church, though it desires to honor its female members, often stands at a loss for how best to embolden women to embrace God’s plan for their lives as persons created in the image of God.

For men and women, finding better language and more flexible frameworks to think about the many dimensions of a woman’s work is essential. Join the Center for City Renewal in New York City on November 19 as they consider how, in the midst of inevitable tensions and limitations, Christianity uniquely addresses the questions so many women face and explore how the church can better equip and support women in their vocation.

This event is led by Kate Harris, author of “Wonder Women,” one of the books in Barna’s FRAMES series. To find out more about the event, visit the Center for City Renewal. Tickets are $20.


Roxanne Stone

Editor in Chief

Must We Do Everything?

November 13, 2015 • Work & Vocation

The pressure for women to do—and be—everything is high. And women are feeling it: only one-third of women are confident in their life choices, seven in 10 are stressed out. Women today—some more than others, certainly—have more choices available than ever before. But such choices come with risk and reward.

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