The U.S. Cities Most Committed to Weekly Bible-Reading & Prayer

Periodically, Barna zooms in from nationally representative data on the Church to focus specifically on U.S. cities, equipping pastors to lead better in their context with reporting on topics like habits of generosity, post-Christian environments, relationship status trends and more. With other measures of church attendance and affiliation in flux, especially as leaders and congregants emerge from COVID-era church life, the infographics in this article focus on two key measures of personal faith practice—Bible reading and prayer.

ChurchPulse Weekly Conversations: Pete Scazzero on Emotional Health & Developing Leaders

In a recent ChurchPulse Weekly episode, second-time guest Pete Scazzero joins host Carey Nieuwhof to talk about the importance of leaders acknowledging their emotional health, how healthy leaders are developed and the consequences of avoiding grief.

ChurchPulse Weekly Conversations: Dr. Anita Phillips on Processing Trauma 

Podcast host Carey Nieuwhof and Barna’s SVP of Research Brooke Hempell are joined by Dr. Anita Phillips, a trauma therapist, pastor, speaker and host of the In The Light podcast to discuss the collective trauma caused by the pandemic, the influence one's worldview has on discipleship models and practical ways leaders can walk with people through trauma and grief.

ChurchPulse Weekly Conversations: Glenn Packiam & Andrew Hébert on Pastoral Health & Leading Online

ChurchPulse Weekly hosts Carey Nieuwhof and David Kinnaman are joined by Glenn Packiam and Andrew Hébert to discuss pastoral health in difficult seasons, returning to in-person gatherings and the challenges—as well as opportunities—presented by hybrid church ministry.

ChurchPulse Weekly Conversations: Derwin Gray on Leading in a Multiethnic Church

In a recent episode of ChurchPulse Weekly, Derwin Gray, Lead Pastor at Transformation Church in Charlotte, South Carolina and author of the new book Building a Multiethnic Church, joins Carey Nieuwhof and Brooke Hempell to talk about the ongoing challenges of leading a multiethnic church. During the conversation, Gray shares why a Gospel approach to racism requires both systemic and individual approaches and the common mistakes leaders make when pursuing diversity. 

What Churchgoers Missed Most About In-Person Services

It was nearly impossible for congregations to meet together for Easter last year. Now, 12 months later, pastors are continuing to adapt to digital and hybrid ministry. As church leaders reflect on how their ministry has been challenged and shaped in the past year, it’s worth taking note what churchgoers said they missed most about in-person worship experiences in the midst of social distancing.

ChurchPulse Weekly Conversations: Tim Keller on Hybrid Church

Tim Keller joins podcast hosts Carey Nieuwhof and David Kinnaman to talk share on walking through suffering and leading in a hybrid context.

ChurchPulse Weekly Conversations: John Mark Comer on Pastoral Rhythms

ChurchPulse Weekly podcast host Carey Nieuwhof sits down with returning podcast guest John Mark Comer, writer and pastor of Bridgetown Church in Portland, to talk about spiritual formation during a crisis-filled year, setting healthy pastoral rhythms and speaking into a polarized world. 

ChurchPulse Weekly Conversations: Dave Adamson on Digital Church Strategy

In this week’s ChurchPulse Weekly episode, host Carey Nieuwhof talks with Dave Adamson, Director of Orange for Australia, about the future church, optimizing sermon titles for online platforms and the importance of continual innovation after a year of adaptation.

ChurchPulse Weekly Conversations: David Kinnaman Shares on Leading Through Loss

In a personal conversation on this week’s episode of ChurchPulse Weekly, Nieuwhof sits down with Kinnaman for the first time in 2021 to talk about making space to grieve, leading through loss and supporting others in their healing process.

ChurchPulse Weekly Conversations: Jeanne Stevens on Innovative Church

On this week's ChurchPulse Weekly episode, Carey Nieuwhof sits down with pastor, speaker and author Jeanne Stevens to discuss innovative church leadership, casting vision for an uncertain future and Stevens' experience pastoring alongside her husband.

ChurchPulse Weekly Conversations: Rich Villodas on Contemplative Leadership

In the age of the 24-7 news cycle, American attention is in constant demand—with notifications coming every hour, time of quiet and solitude is rare. But pastor and author Rich Villodas believes that this high-attention state may be dangerous for church leaders and their congregants.

ChurchPulse Weekly Conversations: Vivian Mabuni on COVID’s Impact on Women

On the most recent ChurchPulse Weekly episode, guest Vivian Mabuni sat down with host Carey Nieuwhof to discuss this year’s impact on people’s emotional well-being, women’s growing burdens and Gen Z’s current perception of the Church. She likens 2020 to a marathon without a finish line, but offers hope in Christ and encouragement for fellow leaders as they step into the new year.

ChurchPulse Weekly Conversations: Craig Groeschel on Leadership During Crisis

In the most recent ChurchPulse Weekly episode, Carey Nieuwhof invites Craig Groeschel, senior pastor of Life.Church, to share what he has learned as a church leader during 2020, and what lessons he hopes to take with him into the coming year.

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