A 6-Week Cohort to Help You Make Your Kids’ Ministry More Impactful






Great children’s ministries don’t happen by accident.


Discover data-driven ways to lead yours more effectively.


Our kids deserve better than hunches and guesswork.

We need current, reliable data to make smarter ministry decisions and better prepare our kids for life in a rapidly changing world.

Barna CoLab: Reimagining Children's Ministry is a six-week program that combines timely data with expert insights to help you understand what’s new and what’s next in children’s ministry.

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Are you ready for an interactive learning experience designed to strengthen your children’s ministry?


Over the course of six, 90-minute live classes, we will:

Reveal what the latest Barna research is teaching us about shepherding children

Uncover opportunities and challenges in your ministry through custom assessments

Connect you with other leaders so you can learn and grow together

Help you identify practical ways to make your children’s ministry more effective through timely insights and expert recommendations

We’ve designed this program with one goal: To make it easier for you to engage with young people effectively.

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Begins March 22, 2022. Limited spots available. Register now to reserve yours.


We’ll provide the data, the community, the experts, the assessments and the framework.


You’ll bring your experience, perspective and passion for ministry.


Together, we’ll explore ideas that have the power to transform not only your church for years to come.

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Begins March 22, 2022

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Barna CoLab for Churches is a real-time, interactive experience. Spots are limited.

For Individual Leaders

Learn with your peers.


Includes 1 spot in the cohort beginning March 22, 2022.

For Teams of 2-5

Participate with your team and get everyone on the same page.


Includes up to 5 spots in the cohort beginning March 22, 2022.

For Teams of 6-10+

Participate with your team and get everyone on the same page.


Includes up to 10 spots in the cohort beginning March 22, 2022. Have more than 10 participants? Contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will the live gatherings occur for CoLab?

For Barna CoLab | Reimagining Children’s Ministry, the live gatherings will be hosted on March 22, 29, April 5, 12, 19 and 26 at 1P ET for 90 minutes. If you are unable to attend the live gathering, your team can still watch the recordings on demand in your online learning platform at a time that is convenient for you.

What is included in Barna CoLab?

Each Barna CoLab offers six weeks of online training and collaboration through six live virtual gatherings (which are recorded and made available on-demand). Additionally, participants will be offered a free download of a Barna research report, a free congregational assessment for each church to deploy, team activities and reflection guides, bonus content and the ability to interact with other participants through breakout groups and online discussion forums.

Can I attend CoLab if I'm not representing a church?

Yes! You are welcome to join Barna CoLab and will certainly still gain insights that can help you, but please keep in mind that our content will be crafted to primarily serve the church leaders.

Can I deploy the assessment to my people if I’m not representing a church?

Yes, you can deploy the assessment. However, the assessment is pre-built, and many of the questions will ask respondents about their experiences with “their church,” so some insights might not be totally relevant to your context. You will be provided with a copy of the assessment questionnaire at the start of CoLab and can determine if it’s worth deploying for your context.

Can you provide me with more information about the team activities?

The Barna team has gone above and beyond to provide you with a suite of team activities to help you plan for and then take next steps in your ministry. Using our Barna insights-to-action framework, our team has built these guided activities specifically for your CoLab cohort. This is where we turn up the dials and get strategic as leaders. If you choose to invest time and energy in the team activities, you will leave CoLab with a concise list of testable, actionable ministry ideas. Again, this extra work is not mandatory but strongly encouraged if you want to walk away with a strategic action plan in place.

How much of a time commitment is Barna CoLab?

Each week of the Barna CoLab includes 90 minutes of live content—one 60-minute session, plus a 30-minute breakout. Barna recommends also allocating an additional hour each week for the assessment deployment, team activities and/or reflection guides. This additional work is optional but highly recommended.

Can you provide me with more information about the assessment?

As a part of CoLab, the Barna team has built a free and easy-to-use online assessment – designed just for you as a member of your particular cohort. Deploying this assessment to your congregation isn’t mandatory, but it’s definitely strongly recommended. In order to help you successfully do so, the Barna team is going to encourage you to launch the assessment to your people as soon as possible – ideally by week 3 of CoLab. After you’re signed up for the cohort, we will supply you with everything that you’ll need in order to participate, including email templates, the questionnaire in its entirety for your review and step-by-step guides to access and then deploy the assessment to your people.

What if I can’t attend the live virtual gatherings?

If you or your team are unable to attend the live virtual gatherings, you can watch them on-demand. There will be some advantages to participating live (including Q&A with the Barna team and special guests, plus live breakout rooms). However, through the online course platform Thinkific, you’ll still be able to interact and collaborate with others throughout the course of the program.

What if I want to add someone from my team after CoLab begins?

You can definitely add more participants from your team or church after your cohort launches for only $49/person (after you have reached the max number of your original purchase). Email us at [email protected] and we will help register additional participants.

What platform(s) will Barna CoLab be on?

We’ll use Zoom Webinars for the live virtual gatherings, so you’ll need a Zoom account to participate. Everything else in the program (on-demand sessions, downloads, discussion forum) will be on Thinkific (Barna Courses), a high-quality online course platform. The Barna team will get you a Thinkific login that will give you access to everything you need to maximize your CoLab experience.

Will I have access to all of the CoLab material after the six-week CoLab is finished?

You’ll have access to everything in Thinkific for your specific cohort for 30 days after the six-week program is complete.

Can I share these resources with friends and fellow leaders who are outside the cohort?

We would prefer that only the people who register and pay to participate in the cohort have access to the videos and resources.

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