Do People Love Their City for its Weather?

If you live out east, then you got problably got hit by Winter Storm Jonas this weekend. Spanning over a thousand miles, and impacting millions from the mid-Atlantic into the northeast, residents in those areas hardest hit may be asking themselves why they don’t live in California or Florida where the sun shines and the weather is warm most of the year. Well, the truth is, according to Barna’s research on why people love their cities, weather ranks low on the list of priorities.

Last year, Barna conducted research into “sense of place,” asking Americans where they live, why they choose to live there, and what they love most about the place they call home. We found that although Americans often move for different reasons, the most consistent characteristics that make a place worth staying are relational. The things people love most about their cities were friendships (19%), like-minded people (12%), and work (21%). Weather was ranked second lowest, coming in at only 9%.

Read more about Barna’s study here.

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