What's Next for Biblical Higher Education

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“Where will I go to college?”
Tens of thousands of Christian students make a decision about college each year. What ideas and beliefs inform their choice? What do they expect from their education? What factors incline them to consider Christian institutions? How do they perceive Bible colleges?

In short, what are today’s students—at every stage of life—thinking, perceiving and valuing when it comes to the high-stakes investment of a college education?

What’s Next for Biblical Higher Education is Barna’s best effort to answer that question and aid the decision-making required of trustees, administrators and educators. In addition to the findings from a yearlong, multiphase research study, this report offers:

  • Statistics on Christian prospective students, their parents and their pastors, including charts, graphs and other data visualizations
  • An examination of student priorities at various stages of life
  • Barna analysis of cultural climate change impacting the Christian education ecosystem
  • Research-based implications and recommendations for decision-makers and others invested in the future of biblical higher education
  • Exclusive video training

Like most Christian institutions in North America, Bible colleges are facing the headwinds of gale-force cultural change. What’s Next for Biblical Higher Education is a tool to help leaders make prayerful, data-informed decisions for the future.



PROVOSTS: review with your FACULTY


Anyone involved in setting the course for an institution of higher education


Training Video Available: A great tool to share the findings with your entire faculty or staff. Join Barna President David Kinnaman as he examines the results of the study and provides additional context and commentary.

Visit www.barna.com/abhe for more information

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Full color with infographics. 48 pages.

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