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How do you compete effectively in an era of digital content? 

In research commissioned by CBA, Barna Group examines how the rise of digital tools is affecting book-buying and Christian retail. This new research is now available in a report, Christian Retail: The Rise of E-Reading.

In this report, you’ll get answers to questions such as these:

The E-Reading Revolution

  • Are Christians using e-readers or tablet devices?
  • What percentage of reading is being done digitally?
  • Is one generation using e-readers more than any others? (It’s not the youngest!)
  • What are the demographics of e-readers?

Is There Good News for Christian Retailers in the Digital Era?

  • What percentage of Christians has shopped in Christian retail in the last six months?
  • Are younger generations shopping in Christian retail as much as older adults?
  • What factors lead consumers to prefer Christian retail?
  • How can Christian retail create deeper social connections with consumers?

What are the Opportunities and Threats for Physical Retailers?

  • Are digital books really a threat, and if so, why?
  • What is motivating younger consumers?
  • How is the e-reading revolution changing the expectations of consumers?

How Can Christian Suppliers and Retailers Compete?

  • Are Christians being influenced by social media in regard to Christian products?
  • How do local churches affect the marketing and consumption of Christian products?
  • How can you communicate the unique value of Christian retail?

The e-reading revolution is here. Prepare yourself for these trends. Gain access to industry insights in this compelling report.

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