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What causes people to stay away from church? What makes them feel welcomed and willing to engage?

Discover How to Lovingly Reach Today's Unchurched:

Churchless is an up-to-the-minute snapshot of the perceptions, beliefs, behaviors, choices, experiences, expectations and hopes of a nationally representative body of churchless adults. Based on two decades of data and tens of thousands of interviews with unchuched people,Churchless compares the backgrounds, behaviors and beliefs of the churched and the unchurched.

But more than that, Churchless points to how you can build spiritually meaningful relationships with your unchurched family, friends, neighbors and coworkers. Because the truth is, most of them are already looking for a connection with God.

Use this book to:

  • Understand today’s unchurched and how to connect with them
  • Learn the latest insights on people who are unchurched
  • Create a hopeful plan for reaching more people
  • Gain insights on the spiritual realities of those who chose not to be part of church
  • Build into your church staff by providing the latest cultural research

Churchless is written for:

  • Pastors and church boards
  • Youth and college ministry leaders
  • Educators and others who work with young people
  • Parents
  • Professionals who need to understand church culture


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