State of the Church and Family, The Family and Technology

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Get two compelling Barna reports and help families!

The Family & Technology Report

Is your church, faith community, or organization ready to assist families in the digital age?

Learn more about what’s really happening in families in this research-based report.

This resource is perfect for ministry planning, stats for sermons, evaluation of family and youth programs, and strategic insights into today’s families – a definitive guide to upgrading your ministry to today’s families.


An important role for the Christian community is helping families effectively use technology and media. This new report from Barna Group and Orange gives you the tools to do that. The innovative study included interviews among parents, tweens and teens from the same households.

Purchase the report and find answers to the following questions:

  • How can churches assist families in the digital age?
  • Has technology had a positive or negative influence on families?
  • How is technology shaping family time?
  • How many parents are “tech addicts”?
  • What conflicts are families having about technology?
  • Do families take “sabbaths” from technology?
  • Do parents place limits on the family’s use of technology?
  • And much more!

The State of the Church & Family

Why aren’t more families engaged in congregations? Find out more about the parenting environment and parents’ expectations of churches. This research-based report is filled with information and insight, easy to use and provides practical application for church and ministry leaders.

This report is designed for ministry planning and strategy to reach today’s families, content for sermons, and evaluation of family and youth programs. It is a road map for retooling your efforts with today’s families.


Parents need a lot of help. But do they think the church can help them? In this informative report, produced in collaboration between Barna Group and Orange, learn 19 different factors that are affecting the role of congregations in parents’ lives. Download the report now and learn:

  • What kinds of churches do parents prefer?
  • Does having children stimulate parental involvement in church?
  • What do parents expect out of churches?
  • Parenting peers: how do parents find support from others?
  • Are parents intentional about their parenting goals?
  • Where do parents turn in times of crisis?
  • Do parents prioritize inter-generational relationships?
  • And much more!

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