At Barna Group, we help Christian leaders understand the times and know what to do.

Barna Group serves non-profit organizations and ministries, providing them with essential intelligence and an understanding of the intersection of faith and culture to help them more effectively interact with their constituents—whether the Church, potential or current supporters or society at large.

Our goal is to help others see the whole from our research—to understand the times and know what to do. Through various media, whether an internally focused strategic report or publicly released article, monograph or video, we work to tell the story behind our research and data through clear narrative and compelling visuals.

Barna Group is seeking a full-time research coordinator. This is a remote position.

If this is a vision you are inspired by, we would love to consider you for our team!


Research Coordinator

Barna Group, Remote position

General Summary:

Research coordinators are the starting place for research team members at Barna, and are intended to be a place to grow over the course of a few years. In this role, a research team member learns and gains experience in all of the functional activities involved in research, such as programming surveys and cross-tabs, importing and weighting data sets, managing field suppliers, checking reports for quality control, and also development and production of graphs and charts in reports. At the same time, they will gain practice in research and questionnaire design, analysis of data, and story development for reporting purposes.

The goal of this role is exposure to a variety of techniques and projects as well as practice and mastery of these skill sets, before taking on more responsibility for projects. Our research coordinator must be detail-oriented, with strong analytical skills, and they must be comfortable working with data for an extended portion of their day.

To apply for this position, please submit a cover letter and resume to


Principal Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Provide support for research projects and polls
  • Program and check surveys for online fielding
  • Assist in managing vendors collecting data on behalf of Barna
  • Internal liaison for research staff, regularly providing operational updates on numerous projects
  • Provide technical support during data collection
  • Assist answering custom data requests
  • Import and clean data files
  • Program and check cross-tabulations of data from surveys
  • Manage questionnaire editing and formatting
  • Code and categorize open-end questions for analysis
  • Assist in drafting and developing reports in Word or PPT
  • Check data tables and graphs for accuracy
  • Conduct secondary research, including reading various publications and conducting online searches for information
  • Coordinate with PM leads to ensure timely delivery of projects 
  • Assist in various other research related work as necessary

Research Coordinator Advancement Plan: The next step for a Research Coordinator is dependent upon the individual’s interest. A coordinator may begin to manage projects, with coaching and oversight from experienced colleagues, prior to transitioning into a role as Associate. This provides an opportunity for learning and development before the coordinator has acquired the necessary broad spectrum of experience to take on additional responsibility and is an important stepping stone to advancement.


The Optimal Candidate Has:

  • 2-4 years of project management/lab coordinating/an equivalent experience
  • Experience working research (emphasis on market and social science research) and/or publishing preferred
  • Experience balancing numerous projects of various size and complexity
  • Strong familiarity with the religious landscape of the United States, particularly Christian and evangelical contexts 
  • Experience reading client project proposals and SOWs
  • Demonstrated ability to manage multiple projects at different stages of development at the same time
  • Experience working with churches and nonprofits is a plus
  • Strong proficiency: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Google Docs, Asana and Slack


Barna’s Core Values:

We take time to pray. We understand that everything we do at Barna is for the glory of God so we seek his will for every next step, every client, project, idea and co-worker. We regularly dedicate our work to him and celebrate the ways God is using it.

We engage head, heart and hands. We strive to take our research-based work beyond mere data to make it emotionally compelling and imminently applicable. In so doing, we desire to lead our clients, our readers and the Church to essential actions; and to new ways of thinking about and doing their work.

We do awesome work. From conception to delivery, from timeliness to quality, we go above and beyond to delight the customer and to wow the end users. We anticipate that our work will make a true impact, and if it doesn’t, we haven’t done our jobs well.

We see the whole. Our work is not done in a vacuum. We desire to facilitate transformative change in our clients and the Church. This requires an understanding of the client’s goals, the historical and cultural context of the problem and the motivations and obstacles to change.

We create what’s next. We are a forward-thinking and innovative company. We are constantly re-assessing what is needed in the market in order to design and develop effective tools to meet the unique and ever-changing needs of our clients and the Church.

We appreciate and love one another. Ministry proceeds from relationships—both inside and outside the company. We see our clients and our co-workers as individuals beloved by God. We celebrate people’s work, we sharpen and spur one another on to greater success, we give the benefit of the doubt, we rejoice and mourn together as a family.



Compensation based on skill level / experience and anticipated contribution to the business.

Barna also offers competitive benefits, including full healthcare premium coverage, 10 holidays per year in addition to two weeks of vacation and a 401k investment plan.

Barna is committed to building a culturally diverse environment. We are especially interested in candidates who have contributed to diversity and excellence in their past work experiences.


To apply for this position, please submit a cover letter and resume to

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