Barna’s State of Series Begins with State of the Black Church

Early this year, we announced Barna’s return to our State of the Church reporting through an extensive year-long project. But the State of the Church 2020 is only the beginning. 

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Through Barna Access, Barna will also be bringing you new research and leadership content focusing on crucial topics: the state of digital church, the state of leadership, the state of city movements, the state of the next generation and more.The State of Series is a multimedia journey covering some of the most important and timely topics for your church, community and leadership.

We’ve already launched the State of the Black Church project, alongside trusted partners including Urban Ministries Inc., Black Millennial Café, Compassion International, Gloo, Movement Day and the American Bible Society. This multidimensional study allow us not only to conduct first-of-its-kind research but also to present original content and tools addressing pressing issues within the black Church today, such as: activism and civic engagement, leadership pipelines and pastoral transitions, gentrification, the legacy of historically black denominations, the flourishing of black Americans and churchgoers, the impact of COVID-19 on the black population and more.

Through Barna’s digital reporting, courses, labs and contributions from thought leaders and partners, we’ll regularly bring you a variety of highly focused and highly interactive insights on what we know matters most to you. The best way to get early and complete access to Barna’s growing digital library of research, programming and ministry tools is through a Barna Access subscription. So, stay connected—we have several installments of essential and practical insights on the way.

Are you or your organization interested in becoming a sponsor or partner in The State of Series? Reach out to for more information.

Read more about the history of Barna’s State of the Church reporting and why we relaunched it in 2020.

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