The Top Bible-Minded Cities in America 2015

In our annual “Bible-Minded” cities report, Barna Group partners with the American Bible Society to explore how Bible engagement plays out regionally in the United States. Which cities top the list? And which cities have the least Bible-minded populations? Find out where your city ranks.

Barna: This Week

New data reveals the public sentiment toward immigrants & refugees has shifted toward a softer view over the last yr

@barnagroup • September 22, 2017

Images of the Syrian Civil War and stories of the trials of refugees across Europe have likely had a dramatic impact on the perspective among American adults in a very short period, counterbalancing—and even eclipsing—bold national rhetoric on border protection

Barna Group • September 22, 2017

The State of Pastors

70% of teens prefer a printed copy of the Bible over technological alternatives

@barnagroup • September 21, 2017

43% of adherents of faiths other than Christianity say their religious faith is very important to them

Barna Group • September 20, 2017
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