Friendships Are the Top Thing People Love Most About Their Cities

Americans often move for different reasons, but the most consistent characteristics that make a place worth staying in are relational. Barna recently conducted research into “sense of place,” asking Americans where they live, why they choose to live there and what they love most about the place they call home.

Putting Down Roots: Most Americans Plan to Stay Where They Are

While most American adults either never plan to move or aren’t sure if they ever will, at some point they decided where to plant their roots. In a recent survey, Barna studied adults’ relationships to their cities and towns asking why people live where they live—and what keeps them living there.

Churchless Cities: Where Does Your City Rank?

Churched and unchurched adults are not evenly distributed across the country—attendance varies widely from city to city and region to region. Many cities outpace the overall U.S. population when it comes to church avoidance. Barna's latest report ranks the nation's largest cities by unchurched population.

How Technology is Changing Millennial Faith

They’re called digital natives for good reason—Millennials certainly stand apart from other generations in terms of their technological savvy. They’re also in a class of their own when it comes to faith experience and practice. But what happens when the unique spiritual and technological trends among Millennials collide? Our latest study explores just that.

New Barna Report Examines Diversity of Faith in Various U.S. Cities

How does spirituality and religion differ from one city to the next? A Barna Group study of regional and city-level expressions of faith both confirms and rejects many popular stereotypes about faith and religion in America.

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Beyond the Offering Plate

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