Wonder Women

The reality is we can't really have it all—sometimes we have to make choices. This Barna Frame explores the value and beauty in those constraints.

20 and Something

20 and Something is your field guide for making this decade count—and for helping those in your life understand you and the road you’re navigating.

Sacred Roots

Sacred Roots offers four personal and communal shifts critical to being the kind of church that transforms people—and renews the world.

Millennials: Big Career Goals, Limited Job Prospects

Barna Group's FRAMES research reveals Millennials' perspectives on the challenges they face as they join America's workforce. David H. Kim, executive director of the Center for Faith and Work in New York City, offers insight for institutions like churches and businesses on how to understand and relate to twentysomethings as they emerge into adulthood.

Tired & Stressed, but Satisfied: Moms Juggle Kids, Career & Identity

For Barna Group's FRAMES project, we surveyed American women to find out exactly how they feel about their commitments to family, church, career and community, and about the tensions that seem to pull them in opposite directions. Three-quarters of women told us they are satisfied with their lives but when we dug deeper, we found a lot going on beneath the surface.

David Kinnaman and Jon Tyson Discuss Millennials, “Nones" and a Renewed Vision for Church

In this conversation with Barna president, David Kinnaman, Tyson talks about the pastoral pressure of Easter Sunday, the different generational questions of Boomers and Millennials and how Christians—both pastors and lay people alike—can renew their vision for church.

Americans Divided on the Importance of Church

What, if anything, helps Americans grow in their faith? When Barna Group asked, people offered a variety of answers—prayer, family or friends, reading the Bible, having children—but church did not even crack the top-10 list. The divide between the religiously active and those resistant to churchgoing impacts American culture, morality, politics and religion.

Three Digital Life Trends for 2014

The effects of this widespread digitalization of life, for better or worse, are widely debated. But there can be no doubt about one thing: the digital life is here to stay, and it is changing everything. Barna Group's latest study reveals three cultural trends emerging out of the "new normal" of digital life.

Three Trends on Faith, Work and Calling

Barna Group's new research shows that three-quarters of U.S. adults (75%) say they are looking for ways to live a more meaningful life. Whether such meaning is found in family, career, church, side projects or elsewhere, these are all questions of vocation—that is, the way in which people feel "called" to certain types of work and life choices.

Three Major Faith and Culture Trends for 2014

New Barna research reports that Americans are ranking their confidence in institutions at abysmal levels. And this institutional skepticism comprises a significant backdrop for the major faith and culture trends of 2014.

Introducing Barna Frames

The typical person doesn’t have entire weekends anymore to spend reading a book. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to learn. That’s why we’ve created FRAMES—short yet deep, digestible reads on the top issues facing Christians in today’s complex culture.

5 Things You Need to Know About Adoption

To commemorate National Adoption Awareness Month, Barna Group presents five things you should know about adoption—what Jedd Medefind, author of Barna FRAME Becoming Home, calls one of the most important ways Christians can demonstrate their love for God to a skeptical culture.

3 Trends Redefining the Information Age

Barna Group’s new study uncovers three of the trends that are redefining the information age.

Barna: This Week

Ministry is challenging, and at times it can be draining. As a leader, it’s essential to practice rhythms of rest,… https://t.co/XrZlIN7MSW

@barnagroup •May 26, 2023

The Impact of Women

.@algord0n joins @JayKimthinks and @BenWindle on the latest episode of the Making Space Podcast—created by… https://t.co/GbPPRLAc5d

@barnagroup •May 25, 2023
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