Trends @ Work Co-op

Join Barna and other high-impact, faith-oriented organizations to discover and act upon the trends affecting how you attract and retain talent and navigate today’s culture.

Work is under pressure.

83% of Gen Z workers consider themselves job-hoppers

61% of Millennials expect to be given opportunities for greater leadership in the next 1–3 years

49% of employees are currently looking for a new role

In a world of constantly shifting priorities and perspectives, and the remodeling of “work” and the workplace, Christian leaders need a reliable, credible resource to provide the insights and strategies needed to effectively create and nurture organizational culture so that we responsibly steward our opportunities and the people who work for us.

Trends @ Work Co-op Will Help You ...

Attract the best talent for your organization despite a competitive market

Leverage knowledge to develop your people to effectively navigate shifts and trends

Network and learn from other organization leaders in the Co-op

Use research insights to bring value to your partners and audiences

What's Included:

Guide the Research

Share your opinions about working experiences today and what we must research, together.

Insights Sessions

Join exclusive sessions featuring the Barna team and Co-op Faculty to unpack the latest research and leading-edge perspectives.

Expert Sessions

Learn from exclusive interviews with experts in the fields of work and culture.

Also take advantage of ...

Barna Access Plus Subscription

  • Barna’s decades’ worth of research are at your fingertips in this digital library.

Research Findings

  • Exclusive analysis specifically from Trends @ Work research will be made available to you.

Pop-Up Networking

  • Meet leaders from across the Christian ecosystem through virtual networking events.

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Trends @ Work

Get the learning and insights you need to help you steward the mission of your organization. Join Barna and other high impact, faith-oriented organizations on an 12-month journey to discover and act upon the trends affecting how you attract and retain talent, and navigate today’s culture.