Understand your motivations and leverage who you are to accomplish your mission.

TRUMOTIVATE is the first ever story-based assessment that reveals why you do what you do so you can unlock hidden potential.

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Flourishing begins with self-awareness.

TRUMOTIVATE provides deep insights into how you are created and what drives you. Our online scientific assessment helps you understand what’s beneath your personality style and strengths–and how uncovering your motivations can benefit your relationships.

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There are 27 motivations. What drives you?

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TRUMOTIVATE is the only tool that reveals why we do what we do.

When you know what motivates you, you can pursue your purpose and mission in ways that are consistent with how you were created.



Understand your motivations and how to leverage them to make your work more meaningful.

TRUMOTIVATE is a scientific assessment of core motivations and drivers that are behind the experiences that naturally bring you the most satisfaction and fulfillment.

Currently, we are offering not only the TRUMOTIVATE assessment, but also the Finding Your TruCenter Small Group Guide to help you learn from and apply your assessment results.

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Discounts are available when purchasing 2 or more. Contact us for more information.

“For years we have seen the strong positive impact on Christians of integration between their faith and their work. We believe TRUMOTIVATE is a powerful tool for helping individuals of any age discern their unique giftings from God and how they can apply these in their work.”

–David Kinnaman, President of Barna Group


How It Works

TRUMOTIVATE is designed to help individuals in any life-stage or role accomplish their mission by unlocking the hidden potential of their core motivations. The only tool based in your own story, TRUMOTIVATE is based on 60 years of SIMA* science using motivational assessment to glean powerful insights with leaders of major corporations and non-profits.

Take the Online Assessment

•  Secure and easy, just takes about 20 minutes
•  Share experiences from your own story and get deep insights
•  Available anywhere on any device

Receive an Instant Report

•  Get a detailed personal report with your top motivations
•  See what drives your decisions, behaviors & attitudes
•  Understand how to align what you do with who you are

Reach Better Outcomes

•  Accomplish your goals more effectively and efficiently
•  Explore job roles that are aligned and energizing
•  Strengthen your relationships and increase team productivity


Finding Your TruCenter Small Group Guide


TRUMOTIVATE results have the power to transform your life when you understand and apply them.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Pastor Tim Yee to create Finding Your TruCenter: A Six-week Small Group Guide to Discovering Your Purpose and Calling with TRUMOTIVATE.

Featuring Barna data and grounded in scripture, Finding Your TruCenter includes prompts for interaction and discussion, as well as exercises to help you understand and apply what you’re learning. And while it’s designed to be completed in a group setting, it’s a practical resource for individuals as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of groups or organizations can benefit from TRUMOTIVATE?

Anyone can benefit from improved self-awareness based on your intrinsic motivations. However, certain groups may also find it useful to go through their results together. Staff or volunteer teams, especially in ministries, non-profits, or schools, have used TRUMOTIVATE to improve the way they work together. Schools often use TRUMOTIVATE to help students develop leadership skills; conduct life, academic or career planning; or as a foundation for coaching and mentoring. Career and life coaches and counselors can be trained as a TRUMOTIVATE facilitator to use the assessment in their practice. Contact trumotivate@barna.org for more information if you are interested in training and certification.

What age / stage-of-life can benefit from TRUMOTIVATE?

Anyone! The assessment itself has been used across all ages and stages, from high school to retirement. We do not recommend this tool for younger than high school. But it is never too late to grow in self-awareness based on your intrinsic motivations! The results include suggestions of occupations that may be of interest based on one’s motivations. This section tends to be most useful for people just starting their career or who are in school. However, many people have used these suggestions for a mid-career change or even post-retirement planning.

Is my information kept private and secure?

Yes! We take the privacy of your personal information seriously and have strong data privacy and security systems and processes in place. Our TRUMOTIVATE IT administrator has access to your unique survey link to help trouble-shoot in case of technical difficulties. However, your answers and the story descriptions you write in your assessment are kept private and secure. They are not used for any purpose other than delivering your results to you and are not shared for marketing or sales. We may ask for your feedback on the assessment experience in the future, but you may opt in or out.

Is bulk purchasing available?

Yes. For orders of 30 or more, our team can either provide you with a discount code for individuals to purchase on their own, orwe can arrange a bulk invoice and distribution of assessments to a group. Please email trumotivate@barna.org for information.

What is the science behind TRUMOTIVATE?

The TRUMOTIVATE assessment is based on SIMA (the System for Identifying Motivated Abilities) used by human resource consultants for 60years. Organizational psychologists then developed this story-based assessment into a survey tool with some of the strongest reliability and validity of any assessment available today. To learn more, read the white paper here.

Can TRUMOTIVATE help me in my job search?

TRUMOTIVATE is uniquely designed to be helpful for career planning, such as: finding an occupation that aligns with your motivations; identifying aspects of a role, culture or work environment that will be energizing or challenging; and providing you with language about your contributions and what motivates you in your work that you can use in all sorts of communications with potential employers.

What is the assessment like? What can I expect?

It takes about 20 minutes to take the survey. You will be asked to reflect on 3 experiences to ground your answers in real-life events that you found satisfying. You don’t need to give a lot of detail in your stories; just enough to spark your memory. For a sneak peek at the survey, watch this 3-minute video.

How long does it take to get my assessment and results?

You will receive a link to take TRUMOTIVATE within 24 hours of purchase. Upon completing the assessment, your results willbe automatically emailed to you within seconds!

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