Voter Motivations on the Eve of Iowa

Today is a big day for candidates on both sides of the 2016 presidential election. The results from the Iowa caucases tonight are important because of the immense media attention they receive, and how predictive they are for the rest of the nomination race. Tonight will be the first real test for each candidate’s ability to transform their media attention into electoral success. Will Donald Trump maintain his dominance, or will Cruz or Rubio pull forward? Will Bernie cause an upset and take the lead from Hillary? We’ll find out tonight. But have you ever wondered why people support certain candidates over another?

Last year Barna conducted a national survey among adults to examine voter motivations among different segments, including faith groups. According to the findings, there are three factors that at least one in five U.S. adults will consider when they evaluate the candidates. Out in front are candidates’ stances on the key issues, which 71% of Americans say they will pay close attention to. A distant second on voters’ radar is the character of candidates, deemed critical by 41% of adults. The third most common consideration is a candidate’s political experience, listed by 22%. Read more about the findings here.

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