The 10 Cities Where the Most Generous Practicing Christians Live

Whether people are reflecting on what they’re grateful for, celebrating the holidays or planning year-end charitable donations, there are many reasons this time of year becomes a season of giving. As generosity and thankfulness push their way to the front of people’s minds, let’s revisit some key markers of the altruistic behaviors of people of faith. In this article, we’ll look to the Barna FaithView database to find where the most generous practicing Christians currently live. The lists below rank the top 10 giving markets in America, both in terms of nonprofit and church contributions.

The Most Post-Christian Cities in America: 2019

The U.S. is an increasingly secularized nation made up of increasingly secularized cities. Based on data compiled from FaithView, Barna’s new subscription-based online database of city, state and national spiritual profiles, we take a look at the changing religious makeup of American cities using our “post-Christian” metric.

Denominational Distribution: The Most Catholic and Protestant Cities in the U.S.

Where do main denominations congregate? This infographic lists the top locations of Catholic, mainline and non-mainline churches.

10 Facts About Faith in American Cities

While national faith trends dominate the headlines, they often belie the diverse religious makeup of cities and metro areas throughout the country. To celebrate the release of Barna's Cities & States report, which takes a comprehensive look at the faith profiles of these cities, we've compiled 10 interesting findings on spiritual beliefs and practices among American adults.

The Most Post-Christian Cities in America: 2017

It may come as no surprise that the influence of Christianity in the United States is waning. To measure the changing religious landscape of America, Barna has developed a “post-Christian” metric which gives an accurate picture of belief and unbelief in our cities. Where does yours rank?

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