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The Open Generation

  • In partnership with Alpha, Biblica, World Vision and other key organizations, Barna produced its largest study to date to understand the faith beliefs and practices of teens around the world.

Why Church Design Matters in Ministry

  • To help leaders design and build purposeful church spaces, Barna partnered with Aspen Group to create a 3-volume study called Making Space: Why Church Design Matters in Ministry.

The State of Generosity

  • Gloo and multiple organizations commissioned Barna to develop a 9-part study on generosity. This extensive series will help inform ministries and nonprofits on trends and best practices for inspiring people to live and give generously.

Researchers who share your passion to see the world changed

Barna has been studying culture, faith and the Christian community for nearly four decades. Our researchers have interviewed more than two million people worldwide. Every one of those interviews has expanded our knowledge of how Christian leaders can and should be considering the changing times. Our ability to understand the present and look toward the future has set the trajectory for numerous churches, organizations and leaders around the globe. Learn more about our process.


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Explore how research can both meet your needs and define your unique opportunities. The Barna team will collaboratively craft customized comprehensive research, centered on your points of curiosity and growth.


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The most actionable research begins with the right questions. The expertise of the Barna team is applied to the design of the right research instruments and methods customized for your project.


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Our team will execute the research design with world-class proficiency to collect the right data. Through deep analysis of the results, we find key patterns, stories, trends and empirical insights.


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The results of your work are put into frameworks dedicated to practical application. Our research outputs are designed to aid your journey with stakeholders and end-users.

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Learn more about Barna’s shared-cost research option that provides strategic insights about pastors or U.S. adults at minimal cost to you.

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