How We Got Here: Spiritual and Political Profiles of America

A recent national survey by Barna reveals how America’s five dominant faith segments think— and, importantly, how they differ in meaningful ways when it comes to their views on some of the most contentious political and spiritual issues of the day.

Why People Fight Online

Internet comment sections have become known for their bias and bitterness, particularly in a digital era driven by political division and “fake news” accusations. But who is engaging in the arguments breaking out all over social media, and why? A new Barna survey explores the phenomenon.

Who Are the Lonely in America?

In our hyper-connected culture, it may seem like it’s never been easier to make and maintain relationships. But is that true?

Competing Worldviews Influence Today’s Christians

In partnership with Summit Ministries, Barna conducted a study among practicing Christians in America to gauge how much the tenets of other key worldviews—including new spirituality, secularism, postmodernism and Marxism—have influenced Christians’ beliefs about the way the world is and how it ought to be.

Barna: This Week

The meaning of "fake news" has become difficult to discern. So, what do Americans really think it is?

@barnagroup • May 25, 2017

A Single-Minded Church

By Barna Group • February 9, 2017

New Research from Barna! >>>

Barna Group • May 25, 2017

Reclaiming real life in a world of devices

New Research from Barna! >>>

@barnagroup • May 25, 2017

The world is no longer so bifurcated. Your online actions are as revealing as your real life ones.” - Roxanne Stone, Editor in Chief, Barna >>>

Barna Group • May 24, 2017


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