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In its nearly 40-year history, Barna Group has conducted more than two million interviews over the course of thousands of studies, and has become a go-to source for insights about faith and culture, leadership and vocation, and generations. Barna Group has carefully and strategically tracked the role of faith in America, developing one of the nation’s most comprehensive databases of spiritual indicators.

Barna Group has worked with thousands of business, nonprofit organizations and churches across the U.S. and around the world, including many protestant denominations, Catholic parishes, and faith leaders. Some of its notable clients have included the Salvation Army, World Vision, Compassion, the American Bible Society, and Habitat for Humanity. It has also served mainstream business and non-profit leaders at organizations like Sony, Walden Media, Easter Seals, CARE, the ONE Campaign, the Humane Society, the Gates Foundation, and NBC Universal.

The firm’s studies are frequently cited in sermons and talks, and its public opinion research is often quoted in major media outlets such as CNN, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, Chicago Tribune, Huffington Post, the New York Times, Dallas Morning News, and the Los Angeles Times.

Barna Group is a distributed team, with headquarters based out of Dallas-Ft. Worth. Other Barna hubs exist in Nashville, Tennessee, Ventura, California, and Atlanta, Georgia. Barna’s employees log in from coworking spaces, living rooms and home offices in more than a dozen states.

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Barna Leadership Team

Todd White

Todd White

  • President & COO
Joe Jensen

Joe Jensen

  • Senior Vice President, Content & Engagement

Savannah Kimberlin

  • Associate Vice President of Church Engagement

Craig Springer

  • Senior Vice President, Strategic & Executive Partnerships

Matt Randerson

  • Vice President, Growth & Operations

Daniel Copeland

  • Associate Vice President of Research

Alyce Youngblood

  • Executive Editor


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