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Solutions for Business and Nonprofits

Barna Group has served hundreds of businesses and nonprofit organizations. We provide accurate and actionable market research for any size project. We specialize in helping leaders understand the psychographics of faith and spirituality as well as cause-related behaviors. If you’re interested in talking about how we can help your organization, let us know by completing the contact form below. Or, to speak with someone directly, call 805-639-0000.

Solutions for Churches

    • For over 25 years, Barna Group has served thousands of local churches, providing analysis and insight into some of the most pressing issues facing church leadership. Each year, the Barna team works with a limited number of churches to help them measure what matters and respond to what’s next.
    • Church leaders are facing unprecedented challenges and unique opportunities. From economic uncertainty and denominational relevance to generational transitions and redefined community outreach, it’s important to understand your present reality and have a clear direction to pursue.
    • Let Barna work with you and your team directly to develop an assessment-based, contextualized strategy for your church’s next season. If you represent a church committed to a learning and growth journey, a church-serving network or a denomination, we would love to hear from you.

Church leaders rely on Barna Group to understand and navigate:

  • Vision Clarity

    Clarify who your church is, why it matters and how to connect that unique story to your congregation and community using Barna’s proprietary diagnostics.

  • Congregational & Community Assessments

    Gain a better understanding of first-time, casual and regular attenders, and/or develop a profile of your surrounding community.

  • Leadership Development & Training

    Assess a leader’s talents, gifts, strengths and weaknesses with nationally recognized research tool.

  • Senior Leader Transitions

    Consider the implications of a transition by understanding current attitudes toward existing leadership and expectations for new leadership.

  • Generational Dynamics

    Learn how generational differences may affect your church’s future by assessing your congregation’s attitudes and behaviors.

  • Denominational Affiliation/Cessation

    Understand the implications from your congregation and/or community for leaving or joining a denomination.

  • Facility & Financial Assessments

    Gain insights into the level of acceptance and commitment your congregation feels toward a building campaign or other expansion project.

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