Barna Poll

Shared cost research that provides strategic insights about pastors or U.S. adults at minimal cost.

Barna Poll

In today’s information-rich, highly competitive, fast-moving society, operating solely on the basis of intuition puts you at a competitive disadvantage. Yet, you may have only limited funds for information. You need a cost-effective, dependable source of information. That’s why we created our shared-cost research. Barna Group conducts an omnibus survey among adults, pastors, teenagers and media consumers nationwide. These surveys are a way for you to get strategic information at minimal cost. Here’s how it works. The questions you place in the survey will be answered by a representative, random sample selected from across the nation. You pay only for the questions you include in the survey. Barna obtains demographic and spiritual data (religious beliefs and behavior) which are then used as cross-tabs for your data. Your data are segmented by at least 40 different population variables. This is a full-service package, typically starting at $1,500 per question—a fraction of the cost of commissioning your own nationwide poll. The Barna team would design appropriate questions; conduct the interviews; tabulate the answers; and provide cross-tabulated data tables, along with a brief written summary of the findings.

Barna Omnibus Studies

Barna also offers a full slate of other omnibus studies that allow you to access tough-to-reach population segments with reliable research—without the cost of commissioning your own study. Barna Poll shared-cost markets include:

OmniPoll: 1,000 U.S. adults

PastorPoll: 600 senior pastors

ChurchPoll: 400 executive pastors and church leaders in medium to large churches

TeenPoll: 400 U.S. teens (13-17)

TweenPoll: 400 U.S. tweens (9-12)

YouthLeaderPoll: 400 youth ministry leaders

KidLeaderPoll: 400 children’s ministry leaders

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