Motherhood Today:
The State of Moms and What it Means for the Church

Barna data has found that mothers are central to the faith formation of young people. They are leaders in their households and communities. And they exert considerable influence on decisions related to generosity and church giving.

Congregations and organizations have much to gain if they intentionally represent, empower and partner with mothers. Yet new Barna data reveals that moms are notably underserved by the Church.

That’s why we’ve partnered with The MomCo by MOPS International to create Motherhood Today: The State of Moms and What It Means for the Church.

What You’ll Discover in This Report:

• The perspectives of mothers from various demographics and seasons of life.

• Shared struggles moms often face and opportunities for the Church to provide needed and well-deserved support.

• Insights on how to reach and connect with mothers in your community, who often lead decisions surrounding family church attendance.

• A vision for what more intentional ministry to and with moms could look like—now and for years to come.

Mothers could play a critical role in the next phase of outreach and growth in the Church.

Get to know the state of motherhood today to better connect moms with God, their families and each other.


Motherhood Today

Join David Kinnaman and Mandy Arioto as they explore the many opportunities and challenges that mothers are facing in the church and in their communities. Whether you’re a pastor, church leader or mom, this podcast is filled with practical insights from ministry and thought leaders to help you support and better understand the state of motherhood today.