Communication Is Key in Periods of Pastoral Transition

It’s clear that communication is a strong factor in the experience during and success of a transition. Unfortunately, communication with and to congregants is often neglected during transitions. A new Barna report produced in partnership with Brotherhood Mutual, Leadership Transitions, examines how churches navigate pastoral change and stay healthy amidst the shift while offering insight on what and how to communicate during a transition.

The Most Post-Christian Cities in America: 2019

The U.S. is an increasingly secularized nation made up of increasingly secularized cities. Based on data compiled from FaithView, Barna’s new subscription-based online database of city, state and national spiritual profiles, we take a look at the changing religious makeup of American cities using our “post-Christian” metric.

What Non-Christians Want from Faith Conversations

Our recent report Reviving Evangelism, looks at the faith-sharing experiences and expectations of Christians and non-Christians alike. This infographic points to a stark gap between who non-Christians want to talk to about faith and the Christians they actually know.

Single Practicing Christians Tend to Be in Big Cities

Over the years, Barna has been tracking changes in both romantic ideals and relationship status in America. As Valentine's Day is upon us, we mapped the top 10 American cities where practicing Christians are most likely to be married or most likely to be single.

Volunteerism in America: The Top 10 Cities

Over the years, Barna has been tracking the religious views, attitudes and lifestyles among American adults and publishing this data in our Cities reports. In this infographic, we list the top 10 American cities where respondents are most likely to volunteer for a non-profit organization on a weekly basis.

Generous People Are Rarely Single-Issue Donors

In light of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty on October 17, this infographic looks at the correlation between donating to causes aimed at helping the world’s poor and other acts of engagement, service and compassion—in other words, the more you care, the more you care.

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