Inside the Urban Church

Launch Webinar

October 12 - 01:00 PM ET


Just as urban centers have historically shaped the culture of art, education and business, churches in cities and urban neighborhoods are often forerunners of community ministry and transformation.

Operating within dense and diverse neighborhoods creates a special opportunity for up-close and lived-out ministry—as well as some unique challenges. 

Here at Barna, we want to inform and support the leaders of urban churches. We also believe leaders in nonurban communities have an opportunity to learn from and potentially partner with urban congregations. 

That’s why we’ve teamed up with World Impact to create a new research report called Inside the Urban Church: How Local Congregations Engage With and Impact Their Communities

World Impact’s Senior Ministry Developer David Estrada joined us for a free webinar exploring some of the data from this new report that will help strengthen pastors and leaders—especially those who serve in the urban church.