What does the future of Christianity look like for the emerging generations?

For several years, the Barna team has studied what’s working to form resilient faith among Millennials and Gen Z. On September 10, we will reveal those findings in Faith for the Future, a free, live webcast event that will help Christian leaders minister effectively to and alongside 18–35-year-olds.

Faith for the Future will introduce Barna’s largest study ever, The Connected Generation, a global project in partnership with World Vision that surveyed 15,000+ respondents in 25 countries and 9 languages. In order to study the first truly global generation—a maturing and formidable force that is actively forming our shared future—Barna combined its research expertise with the worldwide reach of World Vision, the largest Christian humanitarian organization in the world. Leveraging World Vision’s work with thousands of churches globally and staff in nearly 100 countries, Barna researchers have been able to dramatically widen—and focus—the lens with which we view young adults around the world.

The free webcast will also unveil key insights from Faith for Exiles, the new book by Barna President David Kinnaman and former Youth Specialties Executive Director Mark Matlock. Instead of looking at the forces disconnecting Gen Z and Millennials from Christianity, this multi-year study of exemplar Christians ages 18 to 29—that is, the 10 percent who remain faithful and resilient—explores five practices that strengthen faith in the current cultural context.

Our hope is that the Faith for the Future webcast brings different generations of Christian leaders together and creates an inspiring day of learning for you and your team. Through the research findings, presentations and panels, you’ll gain practical insights for your leadership and find hope in what God is doing in and through 18–35-year-olds around the world.

Discover what you can do to ignite a movement of flourishing, resilient Christianity—for the sake of the next generation and the future of the Church.

Sign up your entire team to experience this free event. September 10, 2019, starting at 1 p.m. Eastern time. For your convenience, a viewer’s guide and schedule will be posted a week before the webcast.


Presenters and Contributors

In addition to presentations from the Barna team, you’ll hear from many influential thought-leaders who will offer insight into the findings and help you turn the research into action.

Author - Speaker - Activist - Evangelist - Co-Founder of Propel Women and the A21 Campaign
Author - Speaker - Pastor - Church Planter - San Francisco CA
Leader - Pioneer - Author - Vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton London - Developer of Alpha International
Author - Speaker - Researcher - President of Barna
Activist - Leader - President/CEO of World Vision USA
Author - Cultural Commentator - Co-Host of ’This Cultural Moment’ podcast - Pastor of Red Church, Melbourne, Australia
Author - Speaker - Anglican Priest
Author - Speaker - Activist - Founder and Visionary of One Day's Wages
Author - Podcaster - Radio Host - Storyteller -  Communicator at Northpoint Ministries -  Director of City Strategy at ReThink Group
Author - Speaker - President/Founder of WisdomWorks
Researcher - Speaker - Senior Vice President of Research for Barna
Activist - Author - Speaker - Consultant - Founding Director at Home For Good
Reverend - Author - Speaker - Founder and Curator of the Black Millennial Cafe
Preacher - Pastor - Holy Trinity Brompton London - UK National Director for Alpha International
Author - Speaker- Creative - Podcaster
Preacher - Liturgist - Activist - Preaching Pastor at Grace and Peace Community in Chicago, IL
Author - Preacher - Lead Pastor - Church of the City NYC
Author - Speaker - Activist - Podcast Host - Co-Founder of Infinitum, Amplify Peace, Brave Global and Women Speakers Collective
Director of Church Activation, World Vision

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