The State of Pastors

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How Are Spiritual Leaders Doing Today?
In the not-too-distant past, a career in church ministry might have appealed to any leader who sought recognition and respect. Today, however, Christian ministers are as likely to be ignored by the broader culture as they are to be admired.

In spite of daunting challenges, called and committed pastors are essential to lead God’s people.The shrinking, increasingly marginalized Christian community needs wise, humble shepherds to guide them through the wilderness ahead. So how are these leaders doing?

The State of Pastors contains the findings of a comprehensive, whole-life assessment of U.S. pastors, commissioned by Pepperdine University. The research examines church leaders’ perceptions of:

• Their own mental, physical, financial, emotional and spiritual well-being
• The health of their relationships with family and church members
• Their ministry’s overall health and effectiveness
• How they are received as a leader by their local community
• Their support system, including mentors, friends and fellow ministers
• How well their skills, gifts and calling align with their pastoral responsibilities
• And much more

The challenges of pastoring in the 21st century are significant. Yet based on these findings, Barna researchers believe many of today’s pastors are prepared to be adaptive leaders: ready to be changed by the Spirit in order to bring the unchanging gospel to people in need of good news. The State of Pastors reveals where church leaders are most in need of healing and encouragement, and offers hopeful counsel for pastors (and those who love them) who are seeking greater health as they continue to answer God’s call.

Full color with infographics. 175 pages.

The State of Pastors

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