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Videoin Millennials & Generations•June 1, 2015

Your Quarterlife Doesn’t Have to be a Crisis

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Twentysomethings today are different than twentysomethings of any other generation. But you already know that—you’re redefining what it looks like to “grow up,” contribute to society, and live a meaningful life. You’ve kept optimistic even in this struggling economy, and the world can’t wait to see what you’ll do next—even if it doesn’t always understand you.

Even so, big questions lie ahead—questions about work, calling, marriage, family, faith and more. How you relate to these institutions will have huge ramifications—for your own life, of course, but also for the rest of society because institutions need new ways of relating to you as well.

20 and Something is your field guide for making this decade count—and for helping those in your life understand you and the road you’re navigating.

The Open Generation: United States


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