Sep 7, 2023

When a Church Understands: 3 Benefits for Moms

When the Church speaks to the needs and desires of mothers, it can have a transformative effect on both moms and mission.

Featuring three findings from Motherhood Today—our newest report created in partnership with MOPS International—this article offers a glimpse of just how valuable understanding faith community can be to a Christian mother.

Motherhood Today

The State of Moms and What It Means for the Church

Within the Motherhood Today report, Barna wanted to know what difference, if any, was to be found between moms who say their church leaders understand the unique needs of mothers, and those whose church leaders did not.

The findings were clear. Mothers who attend churches where their leaders understand the unique needs of moms…

1. Experience a Deeper Sense of Connection
Moms who are embedded in a church that understands them are more open to the possibilities for meaningful relationships beyond the home. In turn, these moms are less likely to feel alone, and more attuned to the community that friends, neighbors and people from their church can offer.

2. Have Greater Confidence in Their Motherhood
An understanding church environment is part of a supportive culture where a mom can find certainty and assurance in her role as a mother. Moms in supportive faith communities are less likely to strongly agree that they “struggle to feel like I am enough as a mother,” “feel judged by other moms” or “feel criticized for my decisions as a mother.”

3. Are More Likely to Continually Stay Involved in Church
Barna data collected for this study show that church participation can dwindle some after entering motherhood. However, moms in supportive churches tend to stay involved in their faith community, even after transition into their role as a mother.

Motherhood Today

The State of Moms and What It Means for the Church

What does it mean to have church leaders who understand the unique needs of mothers? Mothers who attend churches where leadership understands their unique needs say this means the leadership respects mothers (95%), accepts and welcomes single mothers (92%), equips mothers to share their faith with others (89%), is willing to hear about mothers’ needs (88%) and celebrates mothers (86%).

Being respected, accepted and equipped are common themes among these moms, showing the importance of church leaders who not only treat mothers well but also show they’re invested in the well-being and spiritual development of moms.

How does your church support the mothers in your midst? If you’re looking for ways to better support and invest in moms, check out Motherhood Today for more data, insights and takeaways.

About the Research

This study involved multiple phases of data collection from 2022–2023:

A survey of 1,008 U.S. adult women with at least one child under the age of 18 in the home was conducted from October 12–20, 2022. The margin of error for the sample is +/- 2.9 percent at the 95 percent confidence level. For this survey, researchers used an online panel for data collection and observed a quota random sampling methodology. Quotas were set to obtain a minimum readable sample by a variety of demographic factors, and samples were weighted by region, ethnicity, education, age and gender to reflect their natural presence in the American population (using U.S. Census Bureau data for comparison).

In August 2022, focus groups were conducted with 21 mothers of at least one child under the age of 18. Focus groups were comprised of Christian mothers, non-Christian mothers, mothers employed full-time and mothers who are not employed outside the home. The goal of these group compositions was to examine the diversity of women’s faith and work backgrounds. These focus groups were conducted virtually and were moderated by a trained female researcher.

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