Mar 1, 2017

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Barna Cities & States Reports

Cities matter. 

The economic well-being of a nation rests largely on the health of its cities. Likewise, the spiritual vitality of the U.S. is deeply connected to the faith of the people living in its largest cities.

We invest in Barna: Cities for this reason—to provide better information to leaders about the state of faith in their city.

In a lot of ways, it’s more important than ever to understand local trends in light of national patterns. City metrics are crucial. For one thing, faith leaders are facing increasing pressure to provide meaningful contributions to their communities. And as denominationalism morphs into new forms, the most effective leaders will find new ways to partner with each other and serve their cities.

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Barna: Cities can help.

In addition to providing free data and analysis on, we are releasing the 2017-18 series of downloadable reports for individual cities and states. Our team has taken more than $2 million dollars’ worth of Barna’s national tracking research from the last decade. This represents more than 76,000 individuals who gave about 18 minutes of their time for an in-depth interview about their faith, priorities, and opinions.

Next, we compiled the numbers into data reports on America’s largest 131 cities—defined by the dominant media market. Each of these reports contains hundreds of facts on each city and numerous indexes about how each compares with surrounding cities and with the rest of the country. You can visit the Barna: Cities Site and browse for your city. These reports are also available for each of the continental U.S. states or as the entire Cities & States Set, with all 131 markets and 48 states.

New this year: exclusive access to a training video that will help you to get the most out of your purchase.

Get an expanded, new view of your city and larger market area, and gain a greater understanding of the people you’re trying to serve with Barna: Cities.

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