Parenting Alongside Electronic Devices

Infographics in Culture & Media in Family & Kids • June 29, 2017

The explosive growth and widespread dissemination of new technologies over recent decades has fundamentally changed the way we communicate and interact. It has simultaneously made our lives easier and more complicated. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the family. This infographic examines parents’ perceptions of the key challenges of technology in the family and how their children use electronic devices.




For more about technology  and the family, read The Tech-Wise Family


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6 Tech Habits Changing the American Home

April 18, 2017 • Culture & Media

Parents today believe it is harder than ever to raise children. The number-one reason? Technology. In this sneak peek of The Tech-Wise Family—a new book by Andy Crouch—we look at some of the top revelations about how parents and kids relate to their devices and to each other.

Forming Family Values in a Digital Age

June 27, 2017 • Culture & Media

The institutions of American culture are changing, and the family is no exception. Forces like technology are influencing habits in the home and disrupting traditional norms that have shaped young people for generations. This infographic explores research Barna conducted for Andy Crouch’s new book, The Tech-Wise Family.

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