Q&A with Tim Chaddick: Ministering to Millennials About Sex

Research Releases in Millennials & Generations • September 24, 2014

Anyone who has been in ministry with youth or young adults knows there isn’t a topic more fraught than sex and sexuality. That’s true for every generation of young adults. However, Millennials have new questions to wrestle with as they navigate sex, dating and marriage in a digital, anything-goes, hook-up culture. As part of 2014 Barna Labs—a multi-month online learning experience—Barna hosted Tim Chaddick for an in-depth, practical conversation on ministering to Millennials through the minefield of sexuality. Chaddick is the founding pastor of Reality LA, a rapidly growing church—particularly among young people—in the heart of Hollywood, California. Chaddick is also the author of Better, which takes a look at today’s media-obsessed culture through the lens of Ecclesiastes.

Watch a portion of Chaddick’s interview with Roxanne Stone, a vice president at Barna Group, as he addresses the questions he faces on a weekly basis from the young adults in his church—questions about what sex means, how to live chastely in a culture that just assumes an active sex life and what the Bible really has to say about it all.


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