Jan 31, 2019

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A New Vision for Sharing Faith

Christianity in the United States has always been in a perpetual state of reinvention, but cultural and demographic changes over recent decades have led to a season of unprecedented challenge. The overall number of practicing Christians is falling, against a cultural backdrop that is increasingly tribal and difficult to define.

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It would be easy to assign responsibility for declining numbers to cultural factors. But the easy explanation doesn’t fit the data. We who are entrusted with the message of Jesus are ultimately responsible for faithfully communicating it. What is it about our community or our presentation that is disconnected from the needs of our neighbors?

Based on all-new Barna research commissioned by Alpha USA, Reviving Evangelism compares the faith-sharing experiences and expectations of Christians and non-Christians.

  • New data on how Americans express spiritual openness and hunger and how they think about their spiritual lives
  • Comparative analysis of non-Christians’ expectations of faith conversations and Christians’ understanding of their expectations and priorities
  • Insights from Josh Chen, Mary Healy, Michelle Jones, Tim Keller, Kevin Palau, Rufus Smith and other ministry practitioners that shed clear light on what the data means for Christians and their churches
  • Infographics, charts and other data visualizations
  • And much more!

Some of the findings in this report will surprise you, some will downright break your heart, some are deeply insightful and some provide practical direction for how we can adjust our personal evangelism and evangelism training strategies in our churches.

We are, all together, part of the larger story of what God is doing to bring renewal to our communities and revitalization to his Church. Let’s learn together what it will take to see an awakening in our day.

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