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Breakout Sessions

Revitalize Your Calling: How to Partner with God

So often we do the work, coordinate the meetings, and hope that God blesses the final product. Learn how World Vision seeks His will first, throughout, and after the planning. Walk through a live facilitation on how you can do this with your church teams.

Hosted by: Reward Sibanda, Pastor at Saddleback Church, Senior Advisor for Church relations at World Vision International

Explore New Ministry Ideas (with Funding Opportunities!)

Come learn how other churches have created innovative and sustainable ministries that have transformed their churches and communities.

Hear case histories of winners of The Kingdom Advancing Grant, offered through the Brotherhood Mutual Foundation. They award $150,000 annually, with the average individual grant ranging from $20,000 to $50,000.

Hosted by Kathy Bruce, director of the Brotherhood Mutual Foundation

(Re)Connecting to Your People - Four Fundamental Shifts Every Pastor Can Use

Why aren’t people coming to church more consistently? Why aren’t our people more engaged? People in our culture seem to be hurting and in need, but how can we find and help them? These are questions many leaders are asking today. Whether your church is focused on increasing outreach or engaging more deeply with your existing people, creating and keeping connection with people is essential. In this session, we’ll cover four shifts in mindset and application that pastors and their staff can use to stay connected to their people and communities.

4 Components of a Transformational Small Group Strategy

Small groups are critical to a church's discipleship strategy, yet many feel their approach falls short. Join us to discover four key components for enhancing your small group strategy, empowering leaders to foster meaningful relationships, deeper faith, and changed lives.

Hosted by: Robby Angle, President and CEO of Trueface, former adult ministry director at North Point Community Church

Redemptive Poverty Work

Christians frequently ponder questions about poverty, but struggle to provide effective answers. Join us in this workshop to explore the problems with common approaches to those experiencing poverty and discover the transformative power of redemptive poverty work.

Co-Hosted by: Rev. Dr. Alvin Sanders, World Impact President & CEO, and Yvonne Tejeda, World Impact Director of Advancement

Event Schedule

  • 12:00pm ET

    Session 1

    Barna CEO David Kinnaman unpacks trends related to pastors’ calling, mental and emotional health and relationships. Guest contributors offer insights and applications on the topics presented.

  • 1:15pm ET


  • 1:20pm ET

    Breakout Sessions

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  • 1:55pm ET


  • 2:00pm ET

    Session 2

    Barna CEO David Kinnaman outlines some of the challenges pastors are facing today, touching on the future of teaching and preaching, the credibility crisis and empowering the next generation of leaders. Guest contributors offer insights and applications on the topics shared.

  • 3:00pm ET


Speakers & Contributors

David Kinnaman

  • CEO of Barna Group

Glenn Packiam

  • Lead pastor of Rockharbor Church (Costa Mesa, CA), author and speaker

Sharon Hodde Miller

  • Lead pastor at Bright City Church (Durham, NC), author and speaker

Christine Caine

  • Speaker, author and activist

John Mark Comer

  • Teacher, writer and speaker

Dr. Anita Phillips

  • Trauma therapist, author and minister

Ed Stetzer

  • Dean at Talbot School of Theology at Biola University, editor at Outreach Magazine, teaching pastor at Mariners Church (Irvine, CA)

Rich Villodas

  • Lead pastor of New Life Fellowship (Queens, NY), author and speaker

Faith Eury Cho

  • Co-founder and co-pastor of Mosaic Covenant Church (Paramus, NJ), CEO and founder of The Honor Summit, author

Gabriel Salguero

  • Pastor of The Gathering Place (Orlando, FL), president and founder of National Latino Evangelical Coalition (NaLEC)

Alvin Sanders

  • President and CEO of World Impact

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