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Silent and Solo: How Americans Pray

Prayer is the most common faith practice among American adults, but it’s also one of the most complex. The Bible speaks of numerous kinds of prayers and different traditions emphasize certain kinds over others. Not all Americans think about it in the same way—or even pray to the same deity (if at all). A new study from Barna reveals the diverse prayer habits of American adults.

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What Does Faith Look Like in Your City?

81% of all U.S adults consider the Bible to be a holy book

@barnagroup • August 17, 2017

A Single-Minded Church

By Barna Group • February 9, 2017

67% of pastors vs. 10% of all Christians strongly disagree that it's okay for members to volunteers for their church instead of giving financially

Barna Group • August 16, 2017

What Does Faith Look Like in Your City?

Our research shows 78% of Americans say they either probably or definitely do not live in fear of police brutality

@barnagroup • August 16, 2017

82% of praying adults most often pray silently and by themselves. Read more:

Barna Group • August 15, 2017

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