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Busting Myths about Pastoring

On January 26, Barna is releasing a huge new research study about pastors via a free webcast called The State of Pastors: Leading in Complexity. The research takes a fresh and revealing look at the lives of pastors – how they handle challenges in their families, churches, and in the community. We draw on interviews Barna has conducted with over 10,000 pastors. Find out more here.

Barna: This Week

More people say porn has positively affected their life than say negatively affected it (28% vs 5%)

@barnagroup • December 8, 2016

Disenfranchised Youth

By Roxanne Stone • October 24, 2016

25% of all American adults never read the Bible. Read more in The Bible in America.

Barna Group • December 8, 2016

New Research! The State of Youth Ministry

"Notional" Christians may have played the biggest part in #Election2016

@barnagroup • December 8, 2016

74% of church planters think a well-designed building is important because it makes the operations much smoother

Barna Group • December 7, 2016

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