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Are Humans Responsible for Global Warming?

Talk of climate change is “heating up” at the UN General Assembly this week with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon calling it “the defining challenge of our time.” As part of a larger study on social and political issues, Barna asked American adults their view on the causes of, and solutions to, climate change and global warming.

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We partnered with @YS_Scoop and @YWmissions to conduct a major study on the state of youth ministry in the US

@barnagroup • September 25, 2016

The importance of the church when it comes to volunteering is a testament to the power of local congregations in galvanizing young people to serve their communities and the world

Barna Group • September 25, 2016

Myths and Realities of Church Planters & Finances

In one of Barna’s most recent study, American adults were asked their view on the legality of drugs in the U.S.

@barnagroup • September 24, 2016

A plurality of U.S. adults (37%) agree that establishing renewable energy sources is the best way to fight climate change

Barna Group • September 24, 2016

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