New Study

Religious Beliefs Have Greatest Influence on Voting Decisions

Though fewer Americans are going to church these days, a new survey reveals that the most likely influence on candidate selection in this year’s presidential contest is their religious beliefs.

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About half of Americans agree that Jesus Christ was human and committed sins like other people (52%)

@barnagroup • October 28, 2016

Disenfranchised Youth

By Roxanne Stone • October 24, 2016

61% of practicing Christians believe people can be physically healed supernaturally by God

Barna Group • October 28, 2016

New Research! More Than Multisite

#GoodFaith Christians ask, "What does God's Word, and the Church's wisdom reveal about this issue?"

@barnagroup • October 28, 2016

The Church has a role to play as a welcoming, stabilizing community for those who are struggling to find their place to belong.

Barna Group • October 28, 2016

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