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Voters Disagree on Which Candidate Is More Presidential

Most Americans are struggling to muster enthusiasm about the presidential candidate they plan to vote for. A new survey from Barna not only reveals the numbers behind that lack of enthusiasm, but also identifies which candidate is seen as having more of the qualities expected of a president.

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If serving is to be a point of engagement with the churchless, it must be directed outward, to benefit and bless th…

@barnagroup • October 23, 2016

In recent findings, though Trump and Clinton each gained the support of those closest politically, Clinton triumphs among moderates

Barna Group • October 23, 2016

Myths and Realities of Church Planters & Finances

Show how much you appreciate your pastors by inviting them to this free online event! #pastorappreciationmonth

@barnagroup • October 23, 2016

The reasons people give for voting for Hillary Clinton

Barna Group • October 23, 2016

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