New Data Shed Light on Polarization in America

Ministry leaders of all stripes have increasingly had to navigate the reality of polarized views within their communities and congregations. For instance, Barna recently learned that one of the main reasons some pastors are thinking about leaving full-time ministry is political division. Indeed, new Barna research raises questions about a more divided America. Comparing a June 2022 survey to data collected in 2015, we see growing inconsistencies in U.S. adults’ willingness to discuss important topics with others and to examine their own views.

3 Challenges Facing Working Moms Today

Even as the constraints of the pandemic era have begun to lift, the current pressures felt by working moms have yet to alleviate. In a recent Barna survey, working mothers shared with Barna that they are feeling overwhelmed, navigating workplace shifts and desiring time to prioritize self-care, findings we’ll take a closer look at in this article.

Pastors' Credibility Is in Question—Even Among Pastors

For a while now, Barna has been reporting on the credibility crisis America’s pastors are facing. Amid lukewarm feelings about their credibility, pastors may wonder how they can regain the trust of their communities in the current climate. Today, we'll share data from The Resilient Pastor—a newly released book from pastor, author and Barna senior fellow Dr. Glenn Packiam—to explore current perspectives on the credibility of America’s pastors as well as insights from Packiam on pastoral trustworthiness and reliability.

Most Christians Assume Diverse Community Will Improve Race Relations

What can one person do to help address racial injustice in America? Beyond Diversity, a recent Barna study created in partnership with the Racial Justice and Unity center, offers trends on Americans’ fluctuating motivation to address racial injustice and highlights ways congregants, as well as whole congregations, can pursue justice in their communities.

Excerpt: Better Questions & Disciplines for Digital Church Innovation

This article is an excerpt from Benjamin Windle's latest work, Digital Church in a Lonely World, published as the first Barna Ideas release. Barna Ideas is a series committed to exploring new models, new methods and new mindsets for the future of the Church. Windle's full work, which explores the seven ingredients necessary for church community in an increasingly digital and lonely world, is available both in Barna's online store and on Barna Access Plus.

Year in Review: Barna’s Top 10 Releases of 2021

In an effort to help church leaders better serve their people and their cities, much of Barna’s reporting this year focused on the well-being of U.S. adults and pastors, understanding and engaging with Gen Z, the importance of pursuing racial justice and upholding the legacy of the Black Church. Today’s release offers a recap of Barna’s 10 most popular articles in 2021, as well as commentary on a handful of the findings from some of our very own Barna voices.

31% of U.S. Adults Report Feeling Lonely At Least Some of Each Day

Even before the pandemic, loneliness has been an issue in America. Susan Mettes—behavioral scientist, writer and teacher—partnered with Barna to learn more about what causes loneliness and how Christian communities can better minister to people experiencing loneliness. Today’s article shares data from Mettes’ new book, The Loneliness Epidemic, exploring rates of loneliness across the nation and within the Church. 

Helpful or Hurtful—How Practicing Christians View Race’s Impact on Their Lives

When it comes to getting ahead in life, do practicing Christians think of their race as something that has helped or hindered them? Today's article features recent data from Beyond Diversity, exploring whether or not practicing Christians from various racial backgrounds think their race offers them an advantage in life, as well as how they feel when the term "white privilege" is mentioned.

22% of Americans Say the 2020 Election Negatively Impacted a Close Relationship

Despite the 2020 presidential election having officially come to a close months ago, many Americans still feel wary around loved ones when it comes to engaging in political conversations. Though differing political ideology and party affiliation are common denominators in relationships wounded in last year’s election, a recent Barna survey allows us to explore how other demographics and factors—including church engagement—correlate with relational impact.

Did 2020 Shift Americans' Perceptions of U.S. History?

Data collected in 2019 showed that Christians are far more likely than all American adults to view the U.S. as historically blessed and chosen by God, a Christian nation and a leader to the rest of the world. But that was before the events of 2020, including the COVID-19 pandemic, a racial justice uprising and an extremely divisive election season. In January of 2021, Barna once again polled U.S. adults to see if their perceptions of the nation had shifted or stayed put since 2019. Today’s article offers a breakdown of what has and hasn’t changed.

State of the Bible 2021: Five Key Findings

Since 2011, our team at Barna has worked alongside our friends at American Bible Society to track the State of the Bible, representing one of the largest data sets on how the population perceives and engages the Bible. This article offers five notable findings from American Bible Society’s State of the Bible 2021 report.

ChurchPulse Weekly Conversations: Raymond Chang on Racial Justice

On a recent episode of ChurchPulse Weekly, host Carey Nieuwhof is joined by Raymond Chang, president of the Asian American Christian Collaborative.

A Year Out: How COVID-19 Has Impacted Practicing Christians

Over the past 12 months, America has witnessed the sobering effects of COVID-19 on every aspect of life. This article looks back at Barna research showing the year’s impact on levels of anxiety, life milestones and hope for the future among Americans, with a specific focus on practicing Christians.

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