The Ups and Downs of Ministry

Pastoral ministry certainly has its peaks and valleys, but overall, most pastors are very satisfied with their vocation and love to preach. In partnership with Pepperdine University, Barna conducted a major study of senior pastors called The State of Pastors. In this infographic excerpt from the monograph, pastors weigh in on the best and worst parts of their job.

Who is Gen Z?

Over the past year, Barna has worked closely with Impact 360 Institute on a landmark study of Gen Z. Impact 360 works with the next generation—with teenagers and college students—to equip them in biblical worldview and leadership. This new study is a snapshot of the ways Gen Z sees the world and the culture.

Most Pastors Feel Energized and Supported

The call to pastoral ministry has its unique benefits and challenges, so in an effort to acknowledge the risks and rewards of pastoral ministry today, Barna created an infographic examining the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of pastors. Take a look.

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