The Resilient Pastor

Join pastors Glenn Packiam, Rich Villodas and Sharon Hodde Miller as they invite leaders to think out loud together about the challenges and opportunities of leading a church in a rapidly changing world. In each episode, they will have a conversation about church leadership and the challenges pastors are facing. Then, they’ll share a conversation with a pastor, church leader, thinker or theologian about the health of the pastor, the state of the church and what it looks like to love well and lead faithfully.

Latest Episodes

April 19, 2022

06 | Jay Y. Kim on Digital Church & Discipleship

April 05, 2022

05 | Sean Palmer on Preaching, the Enneagram & the Pastor’s Soul

March 22, 2022

04 | Joy Clarkson on Rethinking Happiness & Finding Better Metaphors for Your Life

March 08, 2022

03 | Steve Cuss on Leadership Anxiety, Counseling & Pastoral Relationships

February 22, 2022

02 | Tara Beth Leach on Leading through Seasons of Grief & Suffering

February 08, 2022

01 | Rich Villodas on Pastoral Burnout, Differentiation & the Impacts of Trauma

January 25, 2022

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