The Resilient Pastor Podcast

Join pastors Glenn Packiam, Rich Villodas and Sharon Hodde Miller as they invite leaders to think out loud together about the challenges and opportunities of leading a church in a rapidly changing world. In each episode, they will have a conversation about church leadership and the challenges pastors are facing. Then, they’ll share a conversation with a pastor, church leader, thinker or theologian about the health of the pastor, the state of the church and what it looks like to love well and lead faithfully.

Season Three

Episode 25: Heather Thompson Day on Gen Z & Digital Technology

Dr. Heather Thompson Day (Associate Professor of Communication at Andrews University) discusses with Glenn Packiam why Gen Z in particular has such a desire for mentorship and relationships, how to communicate more effectively in your sermons through storytelling and the role of technology in connecting with the younger generations.

Episode 24: Ed Stetzer on Spiritual Openness & the State of Evangelism

Ed Stetzer (Dean of Talbot School of Theology at Biola University) sits down with Glenn Packiam to comment on some of Barna’s latest research on spiritual openness, the unique opportunities for evangelism in this current moment and why missiology and theology matters for everyday church ministry decisions.

Episode 23: Kara Powell on the Spiritual Formation & the Next Generation

Kara Powell (Executive Director of Fuller Youth Institute) joins Glenn Packiam to share about the power of intergenerational relationships, how good ecclesiology forms the development that happens in youth ministries and the impact of young people for the broader Church.

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Episode 22: Esau McCaulley on Lent, Liturgy & Discipleship

Esau McCaulley (Associate Professor of New Testament at Wheaton) talks with Rich Villodas about the formative practice of following liturgical time, observing Lent as an act of humility and preaching on challenging scripture passages.

Episode 21: Tim Mackie on Bible Engagement, Digital Technology & Preaching

Tim Mackie (co-founder of the Bible Project) shares what it looked like for him to study scripture while being a pastor, ways to equip others to engage deeper in the Biblical narrative and how he continues to find deep delight in reading the Bible.

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Season Three Trailer: Introducing Your Hosts

Listen in as this season’s co-hosts–Glenn Packiam, Rich Villodas and Sharon Hodde Miller–share what they’re looking forward to ahead in Season 3.

Season Two

Bonus Episode: Planning an Intentional 2023 with Glenn & Holly Packiam

In this special bonus episode, Glenn Packiam is joined by his wife, Holly Packiam, to talk about the reflection process they use to start each new year. Together, they offer some practical ideas for looking back on the year that has passed, identifying themes for the year ahead and putting this vision into practical rhythms for your daily life.

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Episode 20: Derwin Gray on the Gospel & the Multiethnic Church

Derwin Gray (pastor of Transformation Church) joins Glenn Packiam to discuss the important role the multi-ethnic church plays in today’s divided culture, moving your church beyond diversity as the end goal and shepherding people to see new perspectives on the Gospel.

Episode 19: Todd Proctor on Developing Next Gen Leaders & Tips for Leadership Succession

Todd Proctor (founder of Rock Harbor church and EVP with Alpha USA) sits down with Glenn Packiam to talk about discipling young leaders, preparing your church for leadership transitions and the changes he’s seen in the culture of churches using Alpha as a tool for evangelism.

Episode 18: Danielle Strickland on Cultivating Hope in an Age of Cynicism

Danielle Strickland (author, speaker) joins Glenn Packiam to discuss how she’s discovered hope amidst challenging seasons, the connection between humility and hope and practical spiritual disciplines to help us move past cynicism.

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Episode 17: Jenni Clayville on Team-Based Leadership & Multisite Ministry

Jenni Clayville (pastor at National Community Church) sits down with Glenn Packiam to talk about the systems her team uses for leading across multiple church campuses, what it takes to build a team of diverse perspectives and creating a foundation of relationships with your church staff.

Episode 16: Kaitlyn Schiess on the Liturgy of Politics

Kaitlyn Schiess (writer and speaker) sits down with Glenn Packiam to talk about being formed by the political and cultural worlds around us, engaging with faith in seasons of political turmoil and what we can learn by taking an audit of our ongoing spiritual and cultural practices.

Episode 15: Pete Greig on Leading Prayer Gatherings & Navigating Unanswered Prayer

Pete Greig (founder of 24-7 Prayer) talks with Glenn Packiam about how to hold a successful corporate prayer gathering, what he’s seeing with prayer movements around the world and ways to hold space for both scripture and prophecy.

Episode 14: Noemi Chavez on Church Planting and Leading a Multicultural Church

Noemi Chavez (pastor of Revive Church in Los Angeles, CA) shares about the trends she’s seeing in the Latino Church, the impact of bi-vocational (or “co-vocational”) leaders and some of the challenges that church planters are having to navigate.

Episode 13: Raymond Chang on Asian American History & Barriers to Unity in the Church

Raymond Chang (TENx10 Senior Director of Partnerships at Fuller Seminary) talks about the challenges that Asian Americans have faced over time in the United States, the gifts the Asian American Church has to offer the broader Church and practical steps for seeking unity amidst difference.

Episode 12: Christine Caine on Activating Women in the Church & Discovering a Broader Mission

Christine Caine (founder of A21 Campaign, speaker, author) sits down in-person with Glenn Packiam to talk about bridging the gap between evangelism and justice work, the unique challenges women in the Church are facing and the hunger for the presence of God that she’s seeing in Gen Z.

Episode 11: Russell Moore on Christian Nationalism & Public Theology

Russell Moore (Editor in Chief at Christianity Today) joins Glenn Packiam to discuss how pastors can engage well in the civic space, redefining what Christian nationalism looks like and understanding the threat Christian nationalism plays for the Church today.

Season One

Bonus Episode: Q&A with Glenn Packiam

In this summer bonus episode, Glenn Packiam sits down to answer listener questions around navigating political tensions in your congregation, walking with younger generations who are deconstructing and entering ministry at a later age.

Episode 10: Scott Sauls on Chasing Unity and Leading with Vulnerability

Scott Sauls (Senior Pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville, TN) joins Glenn Packiam to share how he’s preached on his own journey with mental health, the prophetic shift he’s seeing in public dialogue and practical ways for leaders to shepherd their people well through challenging seasons.

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Episode 9: Ruth Haley Barton on Rhythms of Work & Rest

Ruth Haley Barton (author and founder of the Transforming Center) joins Glenn Packiam to discuss the transformative practice of sabbath, how technology disrupts our ability to rest and the deep inner-work of taking a sabbatical.

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Episode 8: Sharon Hodde Miller on Leading in a Culture of Control & Anxiety

Sharon Hodde Miller (teaching pastor, author) sits down with Glenn Packiam to talk about managing the anxiety of the people you are leading, differentiating between agency and control and the challenges she has faced leading through the pandemic.

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Episode 7: Ashlee Eiland on Team Leadership & Transitions

Ashlee Eiland (pastor and writer) joins Glenn Packiam to talk about how she stays grounded in seasons of transition, what she has learned about co-leading a church and key takeaways on delegating responsibilities in challenging seasons.

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Episode 6: Jay Y. Kim on Digital Church & Discipleship

Jay Kim (pastor at WestGate Church) sits down with Glenn Packiam to discuss digital platforms as a new doorway for churches, how online spaces shape Christian’s spiritual formation and redemptive ways for leaders to engage in social media.

Episode 5: Sean Palmer on Preaching, the Enneagram & the Pastor’s Soul

Sean Palmer (Teaching Pastor at Ecclesia Houston) talks with Glenn Packiam about the important role of preaching in a pastor’s calling and vocation. Together, they explore how sermons are tied to a pastor’s sense of identity, the role of the Enneagram in leadership development and some practical advice for today’s young preachers.

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Episode 4: Joy Clarkson on Rethinking Happiness & Finding Better Metaphors for Your Life

Dr. Joy Clarkson (author and theologian) joins host Glenn Packiam to discuss a new definition of happiness for believers, how we understand our limitations through the metaphors we choose and the importance of accepting your circumstances as a leader.

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Episode 3: Steve Cuss on Leadership Anxiety, Counseling & Pastoral Relationships

Steve Cuss (author, consultant) sits down with Glenn Packiam to discuss the challenges of cultivating close friendships as a pastor, encouragement for leaders addressing their own mental health and why loneliness is a systemic issue for many pastors.

Episode 2: Tara Beth Leach on Leading through Grief & Suffering

Tara Beth Leach (pastor, preacher, writer) joins host Glenn Packiam to share about leading through personal loss and grief, finding hope in the local church and her encouragement for women leading in ministry.

Episode 1: Rich Villodas on Pastoral Burnout, Differentiation & the Understanding Trauma

In this first episode, Rich Villodas (Pastor of New Life Fellowship) joins host Glenn Packiam to talk about pastoral health and the effects of trauma. Together, they discuss setting healthy boundaries as a pastor, how the Church can grow in trauma awareness and why the health of the pastor is vital for the well-being of the broader church community.

Trailer: Introducing the Resilient Pastor Podcast

Welcome to the Resilient Pastor podcast! In this short trailer, Dr. Glenn Packiam (pastor and Barna Senior fellow) invites leaders to join him as he hosts conversations about the challenges and opportunities of church leadership in a rapidly changing world.

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