Discussing Missions with the Next Generation—What Terms Are Preferred or Objectionable?

Religious language changes over time. Once-common words and phrases fall out of fashion and use for various reasons, often because younger generations feel their parents’ and grandparents’ preferred words don’t adequately describe their experience. today’s article takes a look at data from The Future of Missions, highlighting the way different age groups talk about missions and why teens and young adults lean away from certain terminology when discussing global ministry.

One in Four U.S. Adults Believes the Church Should Lead in Solving Local Problems

Today’s article takes a look at what people believe the Church’s role should be in helping solve issues at the local level. While this data was collected prior to COVID, these findings are still relevant to pastors in the current moment. While gathering for the good of the community may look different in an age of social distancing, there is still much work to be done and the Church can be instrumental in releasing people to make a difference in their neighborhoods.

COVID-19 Conversations: Nona Jones on Digital and Social Ministry

In the most recent ChurchPulse Weekly episode, hosts Carey Nieuwhof and David Kinnaman are joined by Nona Jones, head of Faith-Based Partnerships at Facebook, author, speaker and pastor, along with her husband Tim, at Open Door Ministries in Gainesville, Florida. Jones, a previous ChurchPulse Weekly guest, shares ways pastors can increase their digital and social ministry to foster meaningful relationships with their people in this continued age of social distancing.

Christian Millennials Are Most Likely Generation to Lean Toward Charismatic Worship

One aspect of the “new Sunday morning” that has largely been impacted by social distancing guidelines is group expressions of worship, like corporate singing or taking communion. This article takes a look at some pre-COVID data to illuminate the worship styles and preferences of believers, noting mainline Protestants' desire for liturgical worship, Millennials' leanings toward weekly charismatic faith expressions, and more.

Young Christians Value Missions, but Question Its Ethics

While engaged faith is alive and well among a significant minority of Millennials and Gen Z, not all are convinced of missions’ urgency and efficacy. The Future of Missions, a brand new Barna report conducted in partnership with International Mission Board takes a closer look at what’s keeping young Christians from wholeheartedly engaging with global ministry. In an effort to inform the conversations church leaders and parents should be having with the next generation of missionaries, this study analyzes Christian generations’ past and present practice and perspectives of missions.

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