One in Four Adults Spends Holidays with Neighbors

Many American adults will enjoy Friendsgiving this week, an expression of the rich community that many adults tell Barna they find in their own neighborhoods. This infographic sheds more light on how Americans report sharing their lives with folks who occupy the same zip code.

Should Sex Ed Teach Abstinence? Most Americans Say Yes

Sexual norms have changed dramatically over the years, and young people are often left to their own devices (sometimes literally) when it comes to navigating sexuality. A new Barna study uncovers how Americans see their responsibility to educate and equip teens to make choices about sex.

Pastors and Parents Differ on Youth Ministry Goals

The tug-of-war between a parent’s protective instincts and their desire to raise fearless kids is felt in youth ministries. In partnership with Youth Specialties and YouthWorks, Barna conducted a major study on the state of youth ministry in the United States, looking at the expectations of pastors, youth leaders and parents.

Barna: This Week

People who don’t talk very often about faith offer different reasons, but most of these fall into two broad categor…

@barnagroup • August 16, 2018

What Good Is the Church?

In @jonathanmerritt’s #SpeakGodBook, you’ll find new Barna data about why spiritual conversations are rare or nonex…

@barnagroup • August 15, 2018


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