Married Couples & Parents See Fewer Barriers to Forgiving Others

A new Barna project, The Mercy Journey, examines the role of forgiveness and mercy in the lives of U.S. Christian adults. The study finds married respondents place a priority on peacemaking and shows parents are more likely to report feeling compassion toward others.

The Powerful Influence of Moms in Christians' Households

Acknowledging the influence of moms isn’t just the stuff of Mother’s Day cards; it also became a major finding and theme in a recent Barna study of practicing Christians’ homes in the U.S. A new report from Barna finds that mothers are seen as the confidants, providers of support and drivers of faith formation.

Who Is Responsible for Children's Faith Formation?

Barna recently interviewed church leaders about the factors influencing spiritual formation and development. We found that although they agree that spiritual formation begins in the home and continues in the church, the perceived influence of schools is often either disproportionate or unaccounted for.

Barna: This Week

In our latest report, Leadership Transitions, we share how you can proactively invest in a flourishing future for y…

@barnagroup • August 18, 2019


The church must prepare young disciples for the world as it truly is, not as we wish it to be. - @davidkinnaman…

@barnagroup • August 17, 2019


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