How Mental Health Is the New Domain of Ministry to the Next Generation

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Well before the pandemic hit, Barna research—as well as others’—finds that young people, namely Millennials and Gen Z, are more likely than generations that came before to report battling with mental health issues. In research conducted for The Connected Generation, Barna’s largest-ever study, data show that half of U.S. 18–35-year-olds (49%) expressed anxiety over important decisions and were afraid to fail. Over three in 10 said they often felt sad or depressed (39%) or lonely and isolated from others (34%).

Recent data show that the mental health strain teens and young adults were under pre-pandemic have only intensified during the crisis. How should church leaders respond in light of these findings?

David Kinnaman and Mark Matlock, in part four of the five-part video series Five Essential Conversations About Ministry to the Next Generation, suggest it’s crucial for pastors to consider these pressures as they continue reaching out to the young people in their congregations. This means going a step further than the usual church interactions to encourage safe dialogue around mental and emotional health issues such as anxiety, depression and loneliness.

Kinnaman states, “It’s essential that the Church shows up to offer meaningful solutions in an era of anxiety.” Both he and Matlock agree that instead of shifting away from young adult and teen outreach, as many pastors have been likely to do during this season, it’s important to keep investing in these ministries.

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