State of the Church

The State of the Church Now

How do we care for souls in a new reality?


What can leaders do to effectively disciple people in the digital age? How can pastors lean in and rise up to the challenges of the current crisis?

In the midst of disruptive and challenging times, discover the major opportunities and obstacles facing Christian leaders. We understand that this cultural moment presents new pressures to leaders like you. How can we lead people to transformation and flourishing in a time of crisis and moment of increased complexity?

Have a front-row seat to State of the Church 2020, a Barna project in partnership with Gloo that will offer leaders up-to-date culture and faith trends as well as practical insights on how to lead through disruption and complexity.

Every year, Barna trains tens of thousands of leaders through its free webcasts. Gather your whole team virtually to hear how these data-informed insights can transform your ministry.

A New Approach to Measure What Matters

In today’s complex, fast-moving culture, information is more important than ever. In our current reality, as churches are forced out of their buildings and into online relationships with those they serve, we see the need to offer new ways to help leaders leverage technology to stay connected to their people. Join us at the webcast for church leaders on May 20 to learn more about new State of the Church resources and tools that enable you to participate in pastor polls and use customizable check-in assessments for your church.

Along with the trends we’ve studied for decades, State of the Church research also shines light into areas like crisis leadership, digital discipleship and how leaders can be prepared to engage in the present and in the “new normal” ahead, giving you new ways to explore the data and consider your context against national norms.

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