The Open Generation

A first-of-its-kind international research study to help church leaders understand teenagers around the world.

At a Glance

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Descriptions of Jesus
Barriers to Bible Reading
Greatest Concerns
Sample Distribution
The open generation admires Jesus for his compassion, forgiveness and care of others
Offers forgiveness
Forgave those who wronged him
Cared for his friends
When it comes to Bible reading, distraction and comprehension are prominent obstacles for today’s teens.
I am easily distracted while reading it
I don't fully understand it
It doesn't interest me
I never have enough time for it
Global teens prioritize various causes and, generally, take strong interest in more than one issue.
Racial injustice
Global climate change
Extreme poverty
Political corruption
Mental health issues
A global view of the number of teens surveyed and where they live
24,870 teens surveyed across 26 countries

What is The Open Generation?

With a trusted group of partners, Barna embarked on the largest study in its history to understand teens’ perceptions of and engagement with three crucial elements of the Christian faith: Jesus, the Bible and justice.

01 | How Teens Around the World Relate to Jesus

A new research report to help you understand today’s teenagers

02 | How Teens Around the World View the Bible

Explore how teens around the world view the Bible—paying special attention to how they engage with scripture and noting some of the factors that make Bible engagement more likely or impactful.

03 | How Teens Around the World Can Make an Impact

Explore how a famously activism-oriented generation perceives important matters of justice in the world—and how a relationship with Jesus and the Bible can impact this perspective.

The Open Generation Bundle

The Open Generation project is the largest study Barna has ever conducted in its 38-year history, created to help church leaders better understand teenagers around the world. Get all three reports in one low-priced bundle.

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