Open to the Bible

How teens view the Bible and grow to understand scripture

Teens have a respect for the Bible and are curious about its contents, but overall, they aren’t quite sure how scripture can inform and influence the world around them. The Open Generation series explores some of the factors that can help teens better see the Bible’s relevance at such a pivotal time in their lives.

n=24,870 teens ages 13-17, July 21-August 24, 2021

The Community Connection

The research tells us community and relationships play an integral role in how well and how often teens read the Bible. Guidance from parents and pastors, as well as others in the church community, can have considerable influence on a young person’s journey with scripture and applying biblical teachings.

How Teens Around the World Relate to the Bible

This journal explores, through research, how teens around the world view the Bible—paying special attention to how they engage with scripture and noting some of the factors that make Bible engagement more likely or impactful.

The Open Generation Vol 2 book cover